Original Chow-Chow
The Herbert’s brand began with this delicious recipe, based on a family favorite. Drawing on the end-of-the season traditions from many cultures, Herbert’s Original Chow-Chow contains a perfect blend of spices and fresh vegetables, resulting in a savory and versatile relish. Whether you enjoy it as a dip or use it to enhance everyday dishes, you’ll find this chow-chow can do it all!

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Hot Chow-Chow
Some like it hot, and some like it even hotter! That’s why we’ve taken our original recipe and added more heat and spice for an even zestier relish. Combine it with Herbert’s Original Chow-Chow to find the heat level that suits you best – then use it to add a little more spice to everything!

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The Origins of Chow-Chow
Chow-chow, like so many other relishes, has an indistinct but well-traveled history. France appears to be the leading candidate for chow-chow's country of origin: the French word chou means cabbage, one of the key ingredients, and recipes for this relish can be found in Nova Scotia where the French settled. Other possibilities include connections to China and India (where the relish kachumber includes a similar complexity of spices) as well as England, home of the mustard-laced piccalilli. Chow-chow now finds a home across the United States, particularly in the South, where such relish recipes abound.

Despite the miles the recipe may have traveled over the centuries, chow-chow always makes the most of a good local harvest. Many traditional cultures used relishes to preserve vegetables at the end of the growing season for use throughout the winter, and American recipes for chow-chow reflect this urge to gather in the last vegetables before frost. Traditional recipes use cauliflower and cucumber as well as mixing in green tomatoes and cabbage, and a variety of spices enhances the taste of that end-of-season freshness. The result is a sweet but spicy relish, loaded with crunchy vegetables and tangy sauce – something that goes well with just about anything.

No matter where chow-chow came from originally or how its made, it's clear that this is a relish appreciated around the world in many ways. That's why we invite you to enjoy Herbert's Original Chow-Chow – and Relish the Best!